Recoil Aerospace Recoil Aerospace has announced its latest contract win, marking the company’s expansion into the Asia Pacific region.

Recoil will provide two Tsunami T1000-E Aerial Fire Suppression System tanks for the Korea 119 Emergency Services H225 Super Pumas, which are set to enhance firefighting missions and will be delivered in December 2023.

In a significant milestone earlier this year, senior leadership from the Korea 119 Emergency Services visited the Recoil Aerospace facility in Kentucky. During this visit, they successfully completed comprehensive training and were awarded certification on T1000-E tank operations. This rigorous training program ensures that the Korea 119 engineers & pilots will be well-prepared to handle the advanced firefighting equipment, promoting the safety and efficiency of their missions.

Recoil also announced that it is in the process of establishing a dedicated technical support facility in Seoul Korea. This facility will further enhance Recoil’s customer service responsiveness to the unique wildfire-fighting needs of its Korean customers, solidifying Recoil’s presence in the region as a trusted partner.