TracPlus have announced the launch of its latest innovation, Trip Analysis. This new feature represents a significant leap in asset tracking and operational insight, especially pertinent to wildland firefighting and emergency services.

Trip Analysis is a comprehensive analytics tool that enables detailed monitoring and evaluation of asset movements, offering a deeper insight into operational performance through advanced features such as geo-referenced tracking, sub-trip analysis, and unique altitude insights.

The key features include: Geo-referenced Departure and Arrival Locations, Time and Date of Departures and Arrivals, Trip Duration and Distance, Sub-Trip Summaries, Analysis of Engine Events, Exportable Data Insights, Detailed Altitude and Speed Analysis and Access to Raw Reports and Metadata.

This tool is designed to significantly boost the operational efficiency and safety protocols for leading agencies and operators who rely on TracPlus to help bring their people home from some of the most demanding environments in the world. Its detailed analytics support better decision-making and performance evaluation, particularly valuable in the high-stakes environments of wildland firefighting and emergency response.